Threading and Hair Service for Female

Get Trendy Power Brows in Haldwani,

Hair and Eyebrows can be a huge asset because they serve as frames of your eyes and face. No wonder that there are people who are obsessed with brow grooming. Are looking for a better place where you can entrust your brow grooming routine? Worry no more because here at Xpressions Unisex Salon in Haldwani

We can confidently say that the haircuts made in our beauty salon in Haldwani always turn out excellent, because we work on the basis of the individual characteristics of each client. In the end, you get:

Our Services

  1. Threading
  2. Upper Lip
  3. Forehead
  4. Chin
  5. Hair Cut Normal
  • 6. Hair Cut Advanced
  • 7. Blow Dry Normal
  • 8. Hair Trimming
  • 9. Candling Hair Cut
  • 10.Hair Color (Global)